Serving clients well should be simple, except it isn’t. Solving problems should be easy, but almost never is. Very few people do these things well, and many do them poorly, which explains why so many accounts go into review, so many client people express profound unhappiness with their agencies, and so many agency people remain bewildered by a business that grows more complex as they become increasingly less able to deal with markets splintering, media expanding, budgets tightening, and schedules compressing.

The Art of Client Service can help. Now in its third, thoroughly revised edition, this classic guide does what no other book even attempts: define, delineate, and describe in detail what a client service person does in order to produce stellar work and forge deeper, more enduring relationship with their clients. It preserves everything that worked in the previous two editions, but adds new material designed to help clients service people excel, and helps clients better understand what to expect, and demand, from the people who work on their business.