What’s With the Cartoons?

I added them because they’re funny, at least to me. And that’s reason enough to include them and, I hope, enjoy them.

I chose ten because that’s what I could afford.

Still, if you’re wondering if there is a deeper story to them, there is.

Aside from the occasional story about one of my personal disasters, which are in their own way fairly funny, the book is serious in outlining how to serve clients well.

The cartoons run counter to this, serving as a gentle reminder that “it’s only advertising, not brain surgery.” They are about maintaining a sense of context even in our darkest hour, when outraged clients and disappointed colleagues seem to rule a world gone bleak.

That’s what I’ve managed to do in all my years working as an account person.

My favorite? The one that reads, “No Thursday’s out. How about never – is never good for you?”

I’ve seen this picture a thousand times, and it still makes me laugh.