If this were a perfect world, this is where I would post the scores of book reviews the current edition of The Art of Client Service would generate. But this is a less than perfect world, and I have no idea if there will be even a single review to share.

Still, I need to put something here, so how about a news release on the book? That could be useful. If you’re an editor, a writer, or a reviewer, or if you’re just plain interested, download the PDF.

One good piece of news: I just learned that my favorite industry publication,Communication Arts, will include The Art of Client Service in its March/April edition, as part of its “book list” column.

December 23, 2019 update:  Okay, the story I’m about to share isn’t about the book, but press is press, right, so if you have a minute, follow this link for a story about me in the Napa Valley Register: .

March 11, 2008 update: at long last, the March/April edition ofCommunication Arts published an all-too-short but very favorable review of The Art of Client Service. On page 130, there’s a photo of the book, along with this copy:

“Despite its small size, this book packs a punch. Full of practical advice – 58 essentials to be exact – that everyone who works with clients could use everyday.”

Okay, I admit this is not The New York Times Book Review, but even before CA published those two great sentences, it was one of my favorite magazines.

download news release