Show me an account person who can deliver even half of the qualities Robert outlines in this book and I’ll double their salary and hire them on the spot. Ignore this book at your peril. It’s a gem that every agency person, and every client should read.

Don Neal
Founder & CEO
360 Live Media
Washington, DC

The best businesses solve for the customer. Robert Solomon gets that. The Art of Client Service is a great guide for marketers and managers looking to evolve their way of thinking to meet the needs of new customer expectations.

Brian Halligan
Co-founder & CEO
Cambridge, MA

In an industry where excellent client service separates the good from the great and can alter the fate of an agency, Robert Solomon’s The Art of Client Service should be considered obligatory reading for all client facing advertising executives. Solomon succinctly imparts both applicable and actionable advice for professionals at all levels of the business. His book is nothing short of indispensable.

Elizabeth Furze
Managing Partner
New York, NY

For at least the past five years, every employee of DiMassimo Goldstein gets a computer, a chair and a copy of The Art of Client Service by Robert Solomon. If they read it and put its principles into action, we let them stay.

Mark DiMassimo
DiMassimo Goldstein
New York, NY

The Art of Client Service is, quite simply, the only book account people need to understand what it takes to build and maintain great client relationships in the advertising, marketing, digital and social media worlds. Robert Solomon has distilled a long, successful career into an insightful, entertaining and deceptively powerful little book that is required reading for every member of Brandmuscle’s client service team.

Clarke Smith
Chief Strategy Officer
Cleveland, OH

As a young strategic client service professional who’s worked in both the US and Australia, this book is my advertising Bible. It’s the real deal- if you are working in advertising and want to know how it all works this is all you need to read.

Jess Norton
Integrated Account Manager
The Mark Agency
Canberra, Australia

As a manager of a young client services team, this book is key. At IMPACT, we’ve made it a must read for all of our new hires and it feels like we reference it daily.

Bob Ruffolo
Founder & CEO
IMPACT Branding & Design
Wallingford, CT

The Art of Client Service is the first book we give to new employees on how to approach account management. Robert takes what has become increasingly complex and translates it into actionable steps that help agencies get better at serving clients.

Drew Himel
Founder & CEO
Jacksonville, FL

Over the years, I have handed out Robert’s book as encouragement to account people who needed a bit of coaching. They always thanked me for taking an interest in their careers. Creative people found it equally insightful, and wanted their own copies. With this new edition, I’ll be advancing a lot more careers.

Richard Eber
Creative Guy
New York, NY
former Executive Creative Director

Over the past decade, the discipline of account management has come under fire as never before. Externally, clients sometimes question its value, and internally account managers fight to overcome the perception being order takers. The Art of Client Service shows how this critically important function can become more valuable than ever before, and how client service professionals can effectively evolve beyond the role of agency-client liaison to become proactive leaders of marketing initiatives. For years Robert Solomon’s book has set the standard for developing a successful career in engagement management, and this new edition adds crucial new skills and principles needed to succeed in the 21st century agency environment.

Tim Williams
Founder, Ignition Consulting Group
Author, Positioning for Professionals
Salt Lake City, UT

Robert explains simply the complex issues of client relationship management with insight, practical advice and humour – making it a must read for all in the marketing communication profession and for anyone aspiring to demonstrate leadership. It’s why it is required reading for all of my university students.

Sally Webster
Senior Lecturer
Public Relations and Organizational Communication
Victoria University
Melbourne, Australia

The Art of Client Service is the first thing that people receive upon joining my team; it’s the closest thing we account people have to a Bible.

Jamie Bryan
Executive Director, Client Services
Deep Focus
New York, NY

As an agency owner, I continually seek inspiring, relevant resources to help motivate, train and guide my team. Robert has a mastery of client service, and presents ideas not just theoretically, but in meaningful, actionable ways that directly impact our day-to-day business. The Art of Client Service is for anyone who values the often overlooked skill of developing, growing, and sustaining successful client relationships regardless of agency size or location.

Toni O’Berry
O’Berry | Collaborative
Bozeman, MT

There are only a handful of books in my business library that seem to get better with age. Robert Solomon’s The Art of Client Service is one of them. An instant classic when it was first released, Solomon continues to build on The Art of Client Service’s usefulness, timeliness and importance with each passing edition. It’s a must read for anyone involved in a client-facing business…and let’s face it, we all are. If you are an advertising agency account manager or account executive, I highly recommend not only reading, but also living, everything in this book.

Ken Ohlemeyer
Senior Account Manager
Brighton Agency
St. Louis, MO

For ad agency account managers, Solomon’s book defines what it takes to be really great at the job. Great stories combined with relevant examples that go to the absolute heart of client service.

Roderick English
Marketing Communications Consultant
Adjunct Professor
Canisius College
Buffalo, NY

Robert has crystallized for our industry a fundamental truth: that relationships of trust allow great work to flourish, but great work alone is never enough.

David Herrick
President, U.S.
Cohn & Wolfe
New York, NY

The one constant in the constantly changing agency business, including digital, is Client Service. Robert Solomon has been the authority on client service for many years and The Art of Client Service has become a must-read for both newbies and veterans. His latest edition even includes a tactical primer which will make any agency professional just that much better.

David Vining
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
CoreNet Global

This edition of The Art of Client Service provides an essential, detailed roadmap to successfully manage accounts, ensuring that clients and agencies prosper.

Mike Slosberg
Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer Emeritus
New York, NY

The Art of Client Service helped us figure out how to transition from one-off, project engagements to long-term, stable client relationships. The book helped us understand what such relations should feel like, and I used it as a guide to build our client services practice and cast leadership for the agency.

Ivan Todorov
Chief Executive Office
Los Angeles, CA

A timely treatise of timeless wisdom. Robert Solomon writes with inspiring clarity.

Tom Sebok
Executive Vice President
BBDO Worldwide
New York, NY

The Art of Client Service introduced me to client service when I was in school, guides me now as I learn my craft, and continues to serve as an essential source of counsel as I progress in my career.

Derek Hickey
Senior Account Executive
New York, NY